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We tell stories that make children want to play, think and learn.  When you invest in us, you invest in the future of storytelling and the impact it has on our children. 

Become part of our story!

Become part of the growth story of an international media house. Our unique brand of storytelling has so far been seen – and sold – in 98 countries worldwide. Our partners include – among others Rovio, Cartoon Network and Lego – and we are on an adventure that leads us straight into the future!


We want to – and have the means to – transform storytelling and education. And we do this by challenging the traditional way companies approach growth. If you invest in Copenhagen Bombay, you become part of a storytelling powerhouse with more than 30 IP’s (intellectual properties) on the company CV. We also have the greatest people working for us – and a collective mind that enables us to continuously come up with new and exciting ideas.

Copenhagen Bombay has a clear vision:
To stimulate the curious child to stay creative, innovative and entrepreneurial

This vision has led to some of the most beloved animated movies and children’s universes that we have produced in our own studio in Copenhagen. Our values are; quality content, original design, high ethical standard and humour. This is our foundation, which enables us to continuously output creative successes. Don’t just take our word for it? Come join us and we’ll show you!

Combining these thoughts, a clear mission forms:
To create long-lasting and original stories for children and youth

Copenhagen Bombay has 12 years of history. During this time, we have created movies and concepts. This is our backbone. When you combine this storytelling background with creative learning tools, the possibilities of global growth are enormous.

Recently we have seen great opportunity arise in China, both in our own productions, but especially in the area of creative learning tools. We are currently estimating an annual growth rate for the Group of ~ 50% in average over the next 4 years. Though we expect much higher growth rates in some of the spin-out companies we are creating – for instance in the innovative learning tool CoboStories.


The Copenhagen Bombay Group is estimating a gross turnover of ~224 million DKK and a profit of ~50 million DKK in 2023.

Copenhagen Bombay Some Of The Awards 2

We believe in the importance of standing up for the children and youth audiences and their right to have quality stories.  An investment in Copenhagen Bombay is not only one investment; It is several investments in one:

You will invest in a modern media house, in original storytellers and in the future of creative learning tools.


If we are not convinced a project will add value to world around us, we will not do it. This is the sustainable mindset that positions us as a world thought-leading company making a solid business, that brings in revenue for everyone involved – year after year.

Come join us on our journey to create the very best
storytelling, animation and education!

For the past 8 years, Copenhagen Bombay has invested heavily in creating Copenhagen Bombay Learning. Now these investments are on the verge of becoming fruitful.


That is because Copenhagen Bombay manages to turn compelling stories into compelling concepts, concepts that can be sent out into the world in a variety of forms and shapes. This variety enables us to maintain a great business of creating IPs while simultaneously creating amazing stories for our children – and the whole world -to enjoy.


CoboStories will be the first learning concept that we spin out. The next one will be either GNU (a platform that teaches children how to 

create content for the web) or OXY (a webbased magazine with a radical new business model and approach to content creation).


All of the above are examples of the abilities of the CoboMIND. If you wonder what that is, click the button below and keep reading!

Why do we need your investment?

In this funding round we seek between 6 500 000 DKK and 15 000 000 DKK. The capital will accelerate the current growth of our learning department and the promising learning tools from this part of  the Copenhagen Bombay Group business. Some of the capital funded will be invested in further development of Copenhagen Bombay’s movies, tv-series and concepts in lineup.



The current valuation is set at 65 million DKK (pre-money). This valuation is based on our documented turnover, the market value of our spin out concepts (e.g. Cobostories, OXY, GNU), and on estimates for future growth.

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Our financial partner in this offering is

All investments will be made through them.

Premoney valuation 65 million DKK represent 782.882 shares

This crowd equity round offers 181.357 shares

One share is valued 82.71 DKK - the minimum investment is 25 shares

For 2.067,75 DKK you can become a shareholder of Copenhagen Bombay

The estimated revenue over a 4 year period is ~ 6 times

Future spin out companies are planned to be OXY and GNU