Copenhagen Bombay is a storytelling power house, with many diverse businesses working towards the same goal.


The CoboMIND is the collective creative in- and output of every department in the company. We firmly believe, that a great idea does not care, who conceives it. So we have a shared “mind” that collects, processes and conceptualizes all the great ideas, that we, as a group, come up with.


We work with communication strategy, concept development, ideation and creativity, product development, production and animation.


The CoboMIND is responsible for communications strategies – as well as for ensuring our own continuous development of new IPs and new products. All our projects and developments so far have emerged from this shared collective – and we have also on numerous occasions sold its abilities to create great storytelling with external partners. Maybe you will be the next?


The great part about this hive-mind approach is that these income generating activities, support each other. A very simplified example:

  1. A new IP is created – for instance an animated Children’s TV show.
  2. CoboMIND says: Should we use the content as part of Cobostories to create a new theme?
  3. New theme for Cobostories is created
  4. The artist creating the content turns out to be amazing
  5. Lead animator hires artist for next project
  6. In this way we are ensuring a continuous cycle, which is self-sustaining


All projects and collaborations under CoboMIND focus on bringing more value to your product and on telling your unique story. CoboMIND  will be there to take the primary, early steps, focusing on strategy, choosing platforms, and on creating a viable and engaging story. We work primarily by challenging the conventional framework of storytelling, giving stories a new vitality and a longer life span. This is achieved especially by working on multiple platforms, allowing us to integrate contemporary technology and new business partners, and bring out the business potential in all products.