The Impulse Breaker

DIRECTOR: Alain Darborg
Writer: Christoffer Nordenrot
LENGTH: 85 min
TARGET GROUP: 8 – 12 years
PRODUCTION YEAR: Expected in 2018
TECHNIQUE: Live-action

Kåre is a 12-year-old boy, who lives with his grandmother while his parents work abroad. He is an outcast in school and stuck in the role as the silent guy, who can be degraded and never complains. Attempting to break free from this awful role, Kåre joins a mysterious group called the Impulse Breakers, with the motto; “Become more than you are!”. Kåre begins to live after the Impulse Breaker method, which forces him to act contrary to his impulses and break out of assigned roles.

At first, the method seems to work and Kåre dares to be who he always wanted to be. He speaks up for the first time in his life, but soon loses control of both the method and himself. The impulse breaking throws Kåre towards the dark opposite of the quiet and supressed boy he has always been. Is there such a thing as a shortcut, to becoming the person you want to be?