Copenhagen Bombay Learning

When you work with creating stories, interesting universes and compelling film and tv-series you often find your self thinking that there is a lot of learning in what you create. That is often the case at Copenhagen Bombay – and that is why we have created Copenhagen bombay learning.

Copenhagen Bombay Learning looks at all of the productions, stories, ideas and thoughts that are abundant in our offices everyday and tries to distill that into learning experiences. We want to make sure that we always challenge our children by giving them fun, interactive, exciting experiences and that we do so by employing the latest theories and research and the newest trends that drive modern education.

To this end we create new concepts and projects that challenge the “normal” way of approaching education. We have created for instance “CoboStories” that allow you to make your own stop-motion movies via an app and wooden stand or a QR code based treasure hunt from the animated tv-series “Do you know her”. We also develop workshops and materials to support them.

We look into all of our productions and IP’s and we try to find the stories that would make sense in learning – and would create interesting experiences to support the child’s own inquisitive mind and natural entrepreneuring skills.

We work with creating EU projects with our many school partners exploring new and interesting takes on education in for instance our Storytelling Workshops Online project or the latest project under consideration by EU in 2023: “Co-creating European Film Literacy”.

All in all we believe there is learning to found everywhere if you just know where to look. And that we are very good at looking!


Copenhagen Bombay’s Learnings vision is to stimulate the naturally inquisitive child to persistently be motivated by curiosity so that the child’s competencies are strengthened towards creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Copenhagen Bombay wishes to play a qualified and indispensable role in the Danish learning facilities that focus on strengthening children’s formation within reading as well as in media and information skills.

According to the National Schools Act, these competencies must be integrated into all subjects taught.


Copenhagen Bombay Learning recognizes the child’s ability to work creatively and innovatively with ideas for narrative, which are crucial to the child’s motivation and ability to seek out, adapt and develop new knowledge by itself.