Concept, Learning


FORMAT: App & physical material
TARGET GROUP: 3 – 12 years

CoboStories is an interactive play & learn universe with focus on storytelling to the preschool. The vision for CoboStories is to generate curiosity, entrepreneurship and strengthen academic and social competences through creativity in our storytelling universe.


The elements in the CoboStories bags are carefully selected and tested in collaboration with kindergarten and school kids and their pedagogies and teachers, so they match their reality and gives a correct base for learning while playing.  The CoboStories universe is easy and accessible for teachers to incorporate their own ideas into.


With the CoboStories-platform, you gain access to a magical place, where all stories can be told, in countless creative ways. You also gain access to a proven methodology of teaching, where you ensure your children learn most of the 21st century skills which are vital for them – starting from a young age.


CoboStories’ mission is to let children be actively creative and thus enhance their imagination, entrepreneurship, linguistic and social skills as well as literacy.


The business model for CoboStories is a onetime sign-up fee + ongoing annual subscription. . It is for sale now for schools and kindergartens in Denmark and Germany.


The material is a framework, that creates a basis for the individual child to develop new universes and stories. Teachers and pedagogues will be with the children on the sideline, helping them and challenging them with the story-box’ small challenges and didactic obstacles.


  • Film- and book workshop app
  • An animation stand for your tablet
  • Backgrounds, characters and universes for animation
  • Physical cards to inspire, start and develop a story
  • Tutorials for pedagogues and teachers

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