This is the featured image from Liva and the Imperfects, showing Liva the giraffe, being boorn with a short neck!
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Liva and the Imperfects

Original Idea: Stine Bramsen

Director: Trylle Vilstrup

Writer: Merlin P. Mann

Running time: 80 min

Primary target audience: Children

Language: Danish

In a futuristic and eerily perfect world all pets are produced at the “Pet Perfect” factory. As Liva the giraffe is born with a short neck, she is sorted with the factory rejects and made to work the giant hamster wheels. When Liva learns about a safe animal haven somewhere outside the factory she decides to flee with a ragged gang of Imperfects. Teaming up with the girl Mynthe they embark on a journey to find a home for those who don’t fit in. But the world outside is not what Liva had imagined, and soon she will be forced to decide: escape it? Or fight to change it?