Three Robbers and a Lion. This image shows the three robbers kidnapping one of the characters in a cartoon desert with a very large moon in the sky!
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Three Robbers and A Lion

Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen

Writer: Karsten Fullu & Ingrid Haukelidsæter

Production year: 2023

Language: Norwegian

Dubbed in: Danish

Subtitles in: Danish

Three Robbers and a lion is about Cardamom Town. A pleasant and busy little town with smiling people, its own tram and the world’s nicest policeman. A very idyllic town indeed – if it weren’t for the three robbers, Casper, Jesper and Jonathan. The robbers live just outside peaceful Cardamom Town, and when they need something, they just sneak into town and steal it. One day the robbers are arrested and put in the city jail. But when a fire breaks out, the trio get a second chance to prove to the town that they are more than just robbers. Will they manage to get back on track?

A film by Qvisten Animation in co-production with Copenhagen Bombay