This is the featured image for the film "Tigers and Tattoos". It shows May and Sonny sitting in a red chair.
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Tigers and Tattoos

Director: Karla Von Bengtson

Writer: Karla Von Bengtson

Running time: 42 min

Primary target audience: 3-6 years

Production year: 2010

Language: Danish

Dubbed in: German, German (Swiss), English

Subtitles in: Danish, English

Little orphan May lives with her uncle Sonny, who is a great tattoo artist. May loves to be with him, especially when he is working. But, as Sonny has always said: Children and tattoos are a lousy cocktail. One day May and Sonny must leave town in a hurry. This sets off an adventurous roadtrip through a magical forest with flying fairies, a funny circus family and their big cuddly tiger.