This is the featured image from the film:"The Will". It shows 2 men driving in a car. They are both smoking. One a cigarette, the other a joint.
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The Will

Director: Christian Sønderby Jepsen

Running time: 86'

Primary target audience: 15+ years

Production year: 2011

Language: Danish

Subtitles in: Danish, English, Russian

Henrik’s ass in in a tight corner. His girlfriend has split, drugs and alcohol abuse have gotten the upper hand, and he’s deeply in debt. When everything is most dire and his woes seem wholly insurmountable, a door to new life opens as Henrik’s wealthy grandfather dies, leaving behind a huge fortune. But at the promise of money, family war breaks out, and years of failure and betrayal are revealed.

“The scene in which he shaves off his long hair, hanging it on a cross nailed with a mass of family portraits, proceeding to burn it in the night, must be one of the fiercest ever seen in Danish documentary film. Perhaps even in Danish film in general”  Eric Jensen, Politiken, Denmark